Hooker Electric Bait Pump

$750 BAIT PUMP 2500 859382005680
$209 MANIFOLD 2500 859382005956


Compact bait pump with high flow performance

At Hooker Electric, we live for that next big catch. We take care of our boats, our reels, and our equipment. Whether it is for fun, sportfishing, fishing for swordfish, or tournament rounds, we like to be ready. This includes having an efficient and bullet-proof bait pump. We set out to build the ultimate bait pump.

We began by engineering a sturdy framework from 5086 aluminum, titanium and durable PVC. It includes our signature brushless 12V DC motor and variable flow control, to give the Hooker Electric Bait Pump unparalleled performance. Lastly, we gave it power, lots of it! So much that this compact bait pump flows a staggering 2,500 gallons per hour.

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Hooker Electric Bait Pump 2500


  • Power – The signature Hooker Electric 12 VDC brushless motor gives the centrifugal bait pump, unparalleled power and durability.

  • Internally Cooled – The Hooker Electric hi-flow bait pump is internally water-cooled for added reliability.

  • Efficiency – With 6ft of head pressure, the unit draws a maximum of 15 A at 2,500 GPH.

  • Control – Run multiple bait wells simultaneously by controlling the flow of water with the variable speed knob.

  • Volume – With 6’ of head pressure, the Hooker Electric bait pump can supply multiple live wells with 2,500 GPH.

  • Unlike Any Other – The Hooker Electric bait pump boasts more power, uses a brushless centrifugal motor, is self-cooling, can supply multiple water systems, and can be mounted directly to thru-hull or outside sea-chest.

  • Durability – This compact yet functional unit is constructed from 5086 aluminum, titanium and durable PVC.

  • Warranty – Bait Pump Limited Warranty.