Hooker Electric Commercial Bandit Reel

$4,995 BANDIT REEL 859382005901
$500 SPARE SPOOL859382005918
$450 MOUNTING BRACKET 859382005925


The ultimate commercial bandit reel

Our goal was simple; we set out to build the most functional commercial bandit reel in the fishing industry. We began by engineering it with all the functions that commercial and green stick fishermen are accustomed to. We designed it for ease of use and the durability that you count on to keep fish on your deck. Use it for bluefin or yellowfin tuna, swordfish, deep-drop rigs, for snapper and large grouper.


  • Powerful 4hp brushless 24 VDC motor

  • Heavy duty 1.25” stainless steel shaft

  • 6061 billet aluminum construction

  • Gear-driven for durability and reliability

  • Spool 7.5” width, 5.5” ID, 12” diameter

  • Full variable speed control

  • Smooth lever-drag operation (Up to 200lbs of drag)

  • Backup handle (for retrieval)

  • 12ft marine-grade connecting wire


  • Marine-grade custom length connecting wire available

  • Reel draws 10amp under minimum load and can draw up to 80amps under max load

  • For extending wire lengths less than 10ft use marine-grade 4-gauge wire

  • For extending wire lengths greater than 10ft, use marine-grade 2-gauge wire

  • Connect directly to a 24v source or a 24v 50 amp plug

3.5mm line Total 3,000 ft Working 2,400 ft
3.2mm line Total 3,761 ft Working 3,000 ft
3.0mm line Total 4,125 ft Working 3,296 ft
2.0mm (0.078) line Total 9,680 ft Working 7,744 ft
1.8mm (0.070) line Total 1,2065 ft Working 9,649 ft
1.4mm (0.055) line Total 19,980 ft Working 15,981 ft
RETRIEVAL RATES (At full full speed, not under load)
Empty spool 2.875 ft/per revolution 282 FPM
Full spool 6.25 ft/per revolution 612 FPM

NOTE: The Hooker Electric Bandit Reel DOES NOT include fishing line or rig.

The Hooker Electric Bandit Reel comes with a 2-year warranty on parts and 1-year warranty on labor of the product. Hooker Electric is not responsible for any loss of the unit, its’ contents, rigs or components attached to it.