Hooker Electric - Hubbell Female Receptacle

Hubbell Female Receptacle
Part# HBL328DCR
28V 30A DC Receptacle

$44.45 859382005130

Hooker Electric - Hubbell Waterproof Receptacle Box

Hubbell Waterproof Receptacle Box
Part# HBL6080 (Black)
Dim: 4.56in H x 2.94in W x 3.25in D

$38.25 859382005147

Hooker Electric - Hubbell Male Plug

Hubbell Male Plug
Part# HBL328DCP
28V 30A DC Plug

$36.70 859382005178

Hooker Electric - Hubbell Female Plug

Hubbell® Female Plug
Part# HBL328DCC
28V 30 A DC Plug

$72.00 859382005161

Hooker Electric - Hubbell Cover Plate

Hubbell® Cover Plate
Part# HBL74CM25WOA
Marine grade cover plate

$65.83 859382005154

Hooker Electric - Power Extension Cable

Power Cable Extensions
For additional customization of your setup and easy accessibility.

$99.00 859382005895
Additional $3/ft