Tuna Tubes Inserts

The ability to keep several large live baits swimming is a must for anyone serious about live bait fishing for marlin, big tunas, and a host of other species that require baits that will not survive in a typical live well. Tuna tubes are the most effective way to accomplish this feat. Keep your live bait tunas nice and lively, ready to deploy with the Hooker Electric Tuna Tubes.

Hooker Electric Yacht Quality Fiberglass Tuna Tubes are made to be installed inside the transom or side combing areas of the game fishing boat cockpit. They are primarily used for removable tube installations in transom live wells. The tuna tubes come in four different sizes and the tube length is normally cut to fit live well depth.  Canvas extensions are often used to return tubes to the ideal lengths.

Our Tuna Tube Inserts are well known to be the best-performing tuna tubes. One of the larger reasons is our Tuna Tubes are full-length. All cases have an air ejection valve that will prevent air from reaching the tubes. There are no valves for individual tubes. This allows for better water flow while maintaining equal water supply to all tubes.

Tuna Tube Types

The tube’s inside diameter range from 6.6″ to 8.5″ in diameter and 29″ to 31″ long and will hold a tuna up to 20 pounds. All our tubes include a soft silicone nozzle. The interior consists of a dark blue high-gloss gel coat with a flat white gel coat exterior.  The dark color interior keeps the tuna calm and alive longer. Each tuna tube is plumbed with a 1” PVC pipe that connects to the water supply in the live well.

Product ID Product Description Size-PackRetail USD
2124Tuna Tube Live Well InsertsSmall Gel$550.00
2543Tuna Tube Live Well InsertsMedium Gel$650.00
2126Tuna Tube Live Well InsertsLarge Gel$750.00
2679Tuna Tube Live Well InsertsSmall Painted$760.00
2542Tuna Tube Live Well InsertsMedium Painted$800.00
2680Tuna Tube Live Well InsertsLarge Painted$850.00

Bulk Head Fittings For Tuna Tube Feeds is a 1 in. Socket x FIPT Straight Schedule 80 PVC. Maximum Pressure: 150 psi. ASTM Specifications: D-2467. Spear Manufacturer Part #871-010

Installation Considerations

Your Hooker Electric Tuna Tube water flow must flow straight, be non-turbulent, and spread across the entire fish’s head. The tuna opens his mouth when he wants to breathe, and the water flow shouldn’t power wash him in the face with unnecessary force. Sea chests and pump boxes are the two most effective ways to deliver the water to the tubes, though some captains have had success running the pick-up straight to an inline pump to supply the tubes directly.

Hooker Electric 2 Tuna Tube Brackets

Don’t forget to order your brackets too! Quick Release, Easy Non-Perm Mount

Delivering the water from the pumps to the tubes should be straightforward and direct. Avoid 90-degree joints, as these contribute to loss of flow and increase the amount of turbulence and bubbles in the water supply. Keep in mind that different bait species have varying water flow requirements. Your tuna tube system should have variable flow options to optimize the ability to keep different species and sizes of baits alive.

Baits caught deep are at risk. Their body temperature rises during the struggle and dropping them in a tube with water several degrees -warmer than where they were caught compounds the problem. Keep ice-cold water bottles or jugs handy to help cool the water and keep baits frisky and alive.

Finally, the shape of the actual tuna tube can affect the longevity of your baits. While a circular tube can keep baits alive, the baits may tend to spin while immersed in a round tube with a high volume of water flow hitting them. Hooker Electric tuna tube systems are designed with oval-shaped tubes to prevent the bait from spinning, creating a system that can keep baits alive and frisky for extended periods of time.