Hooker Electric Penn 30VSW Kite Reel

MSRP $1,379 (Attachment only)
MSRP $1,948 (Combo)


The ultimate kite fishing reel

This is not your typical kite fishing reel. This Hooker Electric Penn 30VSW kite reel is capable of retrieving at speeds of 800 feet per min at 40 pounds of drag, with full variable speed. Please take note: It is capable of breaking spars under hi-wind conditions while flying your kites, so set your drag before use. (No other reel manufacture can claim that.) The handle mechanism is retained and it can be used in low gear if needed. The Hooker Electric Penn 30VSW kite reel is compact, light, fast, and packs all the versatility a kite reel needs.


  • Powerful 1hp brushless 12 VDC motor

  • Full variable speed control

  • Retains handle function