Hooker Electric - Penn International 50 VSW

$2,889 VSW/VSX – COMBO


The ultimate middle-weight electric fishing reel

The Hooker Electric Penn 50 is the middle-weight electric fishing reel lineup. It does it all in spades. This Hooker Electric is capable of retrieving speeds of 500 feet per min with full variable speed. The handle mechanism is retained and it can be used in low gear. It is compact, light, fast, and very poweful. It shares the same hardware found on its bigger siblings, the 80 and 130 variants. Use it to catch deep water Snappers, large Grouper and Tilefish. Because the electric module is detachable, it makes it one of the most versatile fishing tools in your arsenal.


  • Powerful 2hp brushless 12/24VDC motor

  • Full variable speed control

  • Retains handle function