Hooker Electric Penn 70VS Detachable

$3,365 70VS – ATTACHMENT ONLY 859382005413
$4,114 70VS – COMBO 859382005031
$815 70VS – ADDITIONAL SIDE PLATE 859382005567


The ultimate and versatile detachable drive electric reel

The Hooker Electric Penn 70 Detachable shares all the same great features as the Hooker Electric Penn 80 and 130 in a more compact design including one very important feature, the Hooker Electric drive unit is fully detachable from the reel. This allows the angler to drop and retrieve the rig quickly but when the bite hits, “off comes the drive” and you’re ready to fight the fish manually. The Hooker Electric Penn 70 Detachable has the same gears, motor, and internal electrical parts as the larger reels and it retains the handle for a full manual fight in low gear. Standard features include full variable speed control, wireless 2-speed RF remote control, (A-half speed and B-full speed). The reel is capable of retrieval rate of 500 ft/min at full speed with an estimated 50 pounds of drag.


  • Powerful 2hp brushless 12/24VDC motor

  • Full variable speed control

  • Retains handle function

  • Detachable drive