Hooker Electric Penn 70VS

$2,549 70VS – ATTACHMENT ONLY 859382005406
$3,298 70VS – COMBO 859382005024


The ultimate and most versatile electric fishing reel

The Hooker Electric Penn 70 is one of the most versatile and widely used reel configuration in the fishing industry. It is no surprise that the Hooker Electric Penn 70 is one of our best selling reel in our Penn International line. You can stand to fish a wide variety of species from Wahoo, Yellowfin Tuna, Kingfish, large Grouper, among others. It combines the line capacity required for big pelagic species coupled with simple mechanics. The Hooker Electric 70’s platform has been put through the paces and it’s widely popular among well respected charter captains, commercial fishermen, and avid anglers alike.

Whether you are deep-dropping for daytime Swordfish, dredge pulling for billfish, the Hooker Electric Penn 70 does it all. The unit is capable to retrieve line up to 500 ft/per minute at full speed. You have full speed control function in addition to remote control. It includes an RF remote with a 100 ft-range 2-button for hands-free operation. Button (A) for half speed and button (B) for full speed.


  • Powerful 2hp brushless 12/24VDC motor

  • Full variable speed control

  • Retains handle function