$3,924 80 VSW – ATTACHMENT ONLY 859382005444
$4,824 80 VSW – COMBO 859382005062
$1,375 80 VSW – AUTOSTOP / LEVEL WIND ONLY 859382005628


The ultimate and most state-of-the-art electric fishing reel

The Hooker Electric Penn 80 Autostop is the one that does it all! Based on the most popular platform, the Hooker Electric 80, it shares all the great features you’ve come to love. However, this reel includes a whole new roster of features that are second to none. Let’s first start with the all popular autostop feature; connect your rig and set the length, once the reel is on retrieval function, it will automatically stop at a predetermined line length.

It also includes a level-wind and digital line counter. But what sets this reel apart from the rest is it’s Bluetooth connectivity. In place of the RF remote, you may control various functions of the reel with the use of Hooker Electric’s “Reel Time” app available at the Apple app store. It’s a handsome display which includes an easy-to-read line counter, Autostop On/Off toggle as well as variable speed control from the app.

With the Hooker Electric Penn 80 Autostop you get it all, ample line capacity, the power to break the will of the most dominant fish, and state-of-the-art features. This reel is perfect for Yellowfin tuna, large Grouper, Swordfish and chicken rigs for multiple Queen Snapper and many others.


  • Powerful 2hp brushless 12/24 VDC motor

  • Full variable speed control

  • Retains handle funtion

  • Autostop function

  • Level-wind

  • Digital line counter

  • Bluetooth connectivity

  • Remote access via “Reel Time” app