Hooker Electric Shimano 130 Dual Motor, Autostop, Level Wind, Bluetooth

$4,640 ATTACHMENT ONLY 859382005543
$5,939 COMBO 859382005284


The ultimate big tuna electric fishing reel

This is it, the one with all the bells and whistles. The Hooker Electric Shimano® 130 Dual Motor, Auto-Stop, Level-Wind, Bluetooth. Combining all the fundamentals of our standard 130 dual-motor, technology and efficiency. This reel was engineered from the ground up with one thing in mind, bring the fish to the boat at all costs. When used as a dredge reel, it will troll a 3-tier Mullet rig without the assistance of a traditional pulley system. When it is used to fish for Bluefin Tuna, it just does the job as you expect it.

It is available in 12v DC and 24v DC. On a 12v DC system it will retrieve line at 500 ft/min and 1,000 ft/min on a 24v DC. It also has 105 of maximum drag which is only limited to the reel’s capability and not the Hooker Electric module. It reaches this level of drag without any loss of speed.

It becomes a hands-off-the-line affair with the added efficiency of the level-wind system, leaving you to focus on the fish. The auto-stop feature comes in very handy when you want to retrieve your rig and stop at a specified depth. The addition of Bluetooth connectivity means that now you can see your line counter, RPMs and control the speed from your iPhone or iPad. This requires Hooker Electric’s Reel Time app available at the Apple Store.


  • Powerful 4hp brushless 12/24 VDC motor system

  • Autostop feature

  • 6061 billet aluminum construction

  • Full variable speed control

  • Level wind

  • Digital line counter

  • Bluetooth connectivity (With Reel Time app)