Frequently Asked Questions

Welcome to the Hooker Electric Support section. Here you will find answers to the most commonly asked questions about the Hooker Electric product line, including electric reels, bandit reels, deep-water camera housing for the GoPro, and the Hooker Electric bait pump. Additionally, we have included suggestions and recommendations for electrical hookup to your boat. Also here you’ll find the User Manuals in downloadable PDF. If there are any questions that you do not see answered in this section, please submit it to us so that we can continue to expand our Support section. Thank you.


How many amps does the Hooker Electric draw under full power?

It is capable of drawing 30AMPS continuously but usually it draws no more than 22AMPS on normal operation.

Manual Mode

  1. Disconnect the reel from the power source.
  2. Lock the handle into low gear.
  3. Fight fish as desired.

Can I still fight the fish manually?

Yes. You can still reel-in the fish manually as the Hooker Electric retains all the mechanical component of the handle.

What gauge wire is required to power the Hooker Electric reel?

From the reel to the plug it needs to be 10-gauge at 12-feet long. Should a longer cable be needed then it requires at least 8-gauge wire up to 15 extra feet, and 6-gauge wire up to 30 extra feet.

Wiring and Plug Recommendations

***Use a minimum of 8 gauge tinned wire (6 is recommended), between the battery and female plug***

  1. We recommend using a 30 amp resettable breaker between the female plug and the battery with proper terminal connections.
  2. Install the breaker closest to the battery as possible on the positive side.
  3. Very Important: Red wire is positive, the black wire is negative. DO NOT wire backwards, this will damage the reel.
  4. We recommend using a separate deep cycle battery, to ensure you don’t deplete your battery while fishing.


Hubble 30A 28VDC, male end- HBL328DCP, female end- HBL328DCR

Boat Recommendations

  1. We recommend using a swivel rod holder, thru bolted with a backing plate.
  2. A tether is a good idea, to prevent loss of the reel.

Spool Loading

  1. This can be provided by your dealer.
  2. If you spool it, use a 12vdc battery.
  3. Backing on the spool is not required. (but a good idea)

NOTE: If a level wind is present, it is recommended the first 500 feet should be done by hand. It may then be transferred to the level wind. This will make sure it lines up correctly. If at any time the line doesn’t line up correctly; loosen the drag and rotate the spool manually until it matches the line winding in the same direction of the line wrap on the spool. You can check this on your first drop, making sure the line winder stays in-sync.

Digital Line Counter

This feature is measured in feet. To turn on: push button. To reset or turn off: hold button for 15 seconds.

Using the Reel

  1. Place the handle in the neutral position. (this can be determined if the handle can spin in both directions freely)
  2. Place the variable speed control knob in the full counterclockwise position. (OFF)
  3. Plug the reel into the 12volt power source.
  4. Listen for a series of beeps, then a 3 second pause, followed by a second beep. The reel is now ready for use.
  5. There are 2 options for the speed control: Option #1 – the variable speed control knob mounted on the side of the reel can control the reel from 0-500fpm. Depending on the position of the knob. Option #2- The wireless remote control has 2 speeds: A button- Half speed. B button – full speed.


  1. The full speed option should be used to retrieve bait with no fish, setting the hook, or to keep up with a fast rising fish.
  2. Half speed or less is recommended, while fighting a fish. The speed can be determined by the individual fighting their fish.

Reel Maintenance

  1. Treat the reel as any other high-end fishing equipment.
    • Minimize exposure to extreme salt spray. (Even though the reel is completely sealed.)
    • Rinse down reel after every use with soap and water then dry thoroughly.
    • No other special care is needed.
    • If digital line counter is present, the battery will need to be replaced when using reel frequently. (it requires a CR 2032 lithium coin battery)

Reel Service and Storage

  1. We recommend storing the reel in a dry place.
  2. There are no parts inside the attachment that can be serviced except by Hooker Electric Inc.
  3. If you have any problems or concerns with performance or operation with the reel please contact us at 954-530-6908 for shipping information.

Reel Warranty

Hooker Electric reels carry a 2-Year Warranty on parts and 1-Year Warranty on labor from the date of purchase. Within this set time period, Hooker Electric Inc. will, at its discretion will repair or replace any component on the attachment which has failed in normal usage of the reel. These repairs and/or replacement will take place at no charge for parts and labor. The customer will be responsible for the cost of the shipping. This warranty does not cover any type of failures due to accident, misuse, abuse, alteration or repairs done prior to attachment.

NOTE: The Hooker Electric attachment should be inspected and maintained on a yearly basis for corrosion on wiring and plugs. At this time it is recommended to check the boat wiring for corrosion as well.

Reel Features

  1. Variable speed control with no torque loss (0-500 fpm)
  2. Dual speed wireless remote (Up to 1,000 feet range)
  3. Powered by 12vdc 2-hp brushless motor
  4. Retains original components including anti-reverse, bearings, drag system plus fully functional handle.
  5. Compact sleek design (11 lbs including reel- 80WA)
  6. Level wind and digital line counter available as an option
  7. Custom embroidered neoprene cover available (Not included with reel)

Detachable Units

Is the detachable unit easy to detach? Take off and put on?

Yes. The unit is easily detached by two spring loaded marine-grade push pins.

Can I fight the fish manually?

Yes. With the Hooker Electric detachable reels, you are able to fight the fish manually.

Which gear am I left with on Detachable models?

On Hooker Electric reels equipped with a detachable unit, you are left with the high gear, allowing the ability to fight the fish manually.

Autostop / Bluetooth Units

Can you still hand crank reels with Autostop feature?

Yes. On Hooker Electric reels equipped with the Autostop feature, you can still use the manual handle in low gear to hand crank.

Do the Hooker Electric Reels equipped with the Autostop feature come with a remote?

The Hooker Electric reels equipped with the Autostop feature does NOT come with a traditional RF remote, however, the Bluetooth capability takes over the duties of the remote control with the use of our “Reel Time” app available at Apple’s App Store.

Can I use my Hooker Electric Autostop with an Android phone or device?

No. The Bluetooth capability is included on Hooker Electric reels equipped with the Autostop feature and the “Reel Time” app is only available for iOS devices (i.e. iPhone and iPad). The Reel Time app is available at the Apple App Store.

Which gear am I left with on autostop models?

On Hooker Electric reels equipped with the autostop feature you are left with low gear only.


What does the level-wind do?

The level wind is merely an assist mechanism to distribute the line evenly across the spool.

Which reels can I add the level-wind to?

The Hooker Electric Level-Wind is a great add-on to reels with or without the Hooker Electric module. It is available for Penn International 80 and Shimano Tiagra 80 and 130.

Can the level-wind be added to my reel?

The Hooker Electric Level-Wind is available as a separate add-on for Penn International 80 or Shimano Tiagra 80 or 130 reels.

Kite Reels

How fast are the kite reels?

The Hooker Electric Kite Reel is able to retrieve line at 800 feet per minute @ 40 lbs of drag. The kite reels also include variable speed control. Note: The kite reels are capable of breaking spars under high wind conditions, it is highly suggested that you properly adjust the drag before use.

Do the kite reels come with the RF remote?

No. Hooker Electric Kite Reels do not come with an RF remote control. These kite reel units are designed to be simple and compact as possible.

Do Hooker Electric kite reels come in 24vdc?

No, however, it can be done by adding a voltage converter box. The voltage converter box is $192.

Can I do "shallow drop" fishing with the kite reels?

No. Shallow drop fishing is only suggested at a maximum of 500’ deep starting with 50 wide reel models and up. If the kite reels are subjected to such conditions, you run the risk of irreversible and severe damage to the unit.

Dual Motor Units

How many amps do the Dual Motor reels draw?

The Hooker Electric reels equipped with dual motors can draw up to 60 amps under full load.

How strong is the drag / clutch on Dual Motor reels?

The drag or clutch on the Hooker Electric reels equipped with dual motors is 110 lbs.


Do I have to use the plug provided with the reel?

No. You don’t have to use the plug provided with the Hooker Electric reels, however, you will void ALL warranty when using a plug other than the one included.

Bait Pump

Can the flow of water be adjusted on Hooker Electric's bait?

Yes. The Hooker Electric bait pump’s water flow is controlled via the flow control knob.

Can the pump be used as wash down?

Yes. The bait pump flows up to 4,500 supplying ample water flow to also be used as wash down.

Why is a solenoid necessary for the installation?

A solenoid is always required when installing the Hooker Electric bait pump. Since the pump can draw up to 30 amps, the solenoid takes the load off the rocker/power switch.

Is it required to install the bait pump below the water line?

Yes, it is required that the Hooker Electric is installed below the water line. This will lessen any issues with air-locking the unit and properly load the pump with adequate water intake.

Should the electrical connections be water proof?

Yes. When installing a Hooker Electric bait pump, it is required that ALL electrical connections are heat shrink and made water-tight.

Is a sea chest needed?

Although sea chest is not required or necessary when installing a Hooker Electric bait pump, it can be mounted with a sea chest, however, it must be mounted outside of it.

Bait Pump Troubleshooting

When planning the installation of the water pump, make sure it is installed below the water line. Although the pump is water-tight, it is recommended that the pump is mounted so that it doesn’t sit under water permanently.

The bait pump is not working.

Step 1 - Check breaker

The first step is to make sure that the breaker used for the pump has not been “popped” or triggered. Reset the breaker. A 30 amp breaker is recommended.

Step 2 - Reset the bait pump

Once it is established that the pump is getting adequate power, turn the knob all the way to the OFF position for 20 seconds. (This is the initial procedure before operating the pump each time.) Then you may turn the knob to the desired speed to control the flow of water to your wells and/or other systems.

Step 3 - Check for obstructions

Listen for any undesirable noises coming from the pump unit. In this case, it is possible that debris may be present in the water line and debris may have been suctioned by the thru-hull. To safely clear the pump, turn the live well switch OFF or turn the battery switch to the OFF position. Then proceed to disconnect the water line leading to the pump’s inlet. Clear any debris from the line and reconnect. Before trying to operate the pump, open the valves leading to the bait wells so that any trapped air is purged from the lines.

Step 4 - Check for adequate power

When operating the pump, if possible, listen for normal operation noise coming from the pump. If it doesn’t make any noise, it is possible that the unit is not getting adequate power or any power at all. In this case, please make sure the battery(ies) are properly charged.

Bandit Reel

Is the Hooker Electric Bandit Reel one directional?

Yes. The Hooker Electric Bandit Reel is used for retrieval only.

How durable is the drag / clutch?

Extremely durable.

Are spares spools an option for the Hooker Electric Bandit Reel?

Yes, spare spools are an option for the Hooker Electric Bandit Reel. Spare spool cost $499.

What is the maximum depht for fishing with the bandit reel?

The depths at which the bandit reel can be used is only limited to the type and gauge of rigging that you use.

Does the bandit reel require a special rod holder?

Yes. The Hooker Electric Bandit Reel requires a standard bandit reel rod holder. We also make a custom mounting bracket specifically engineered for the Hooker Electric Bandit Reel.

Camera Housing

How far does the light reach?

The light included with the Hooker Electric Deep Sea Camera Housing for the GoPro can reach approximately 6-8 feet from the housing. Other factors such as current, sea conditions, and depth, can contribute to the efficiency of the light.

How long does the battery last on the Hooker Electric Camera Housing?

The battery on the Hooker Electric Camera Housing lasts approximately 1 hour from the time it is assembled and encased for deployment.

How long does it take to recharge the battery?

The battery for the Hooker Electric Camera Housing can be charged in 15 minutes. The battery charger is included and supplied in the camera housing kit.

What size GoPro fits the Hooker Electric Camera Housing?

The Hooker Electric Camera Housing fits all versions of the traditional GoPro camera with the exception of the GoPro Session model. Note: For GoPro camera models which include the attached spare battery, do not include it in the assembly as it is too bulky and will crack the lens of your GoPro when the housing is hand-tightened to make a proper seal. Hooker Electric is not responsible for any loss or damage of GoPro cameras under any circumstance.

Can the camera housing be used for trolling?

Yes. In fact, we have caught some interesting footage when trolling with the Hooker Electric Camera Housing for the GoPro. The camera’s viewport is in-line with the bait line so you get to see how fish assess the bait and their striking methods.

Does it camera housing float?

No. The Hooker Electric Camera Housing does not float. It was engineered and built to withstand the incredible pressures in the deep ocean. For this reason, we built it using highly sturdy materials and tolerances. Note: Be careful and mindful where you handle the camera housing. If you drop it in the ocean, it will sink and Hooker Electric is not responsible for any loss of the camera housing, its contents or any rig attached to it.

Are there different color lights available?

Yes. The source light provided for the Hooker Electric Camera Housing for the GoPro is available in red, white and blue. Find camera housing source lights.

User Manuals

Hooker Electric Water Pump User Manual
Download User Manual