We developed this 4,500 GPH bait pump using the same technology that’s in our electric fishing reels. The pump is very compact and measures 4″ x 4″ x 6″.

Water Pump Features:

  • Power – The signature Hooker Electric 12 VDC brushless motor gives the centrifugal bait pump, unparalleled power and durability.
  • Reliability – The Hooker Electric Hi-Flow Bait Pump is water cooled for added reliability.
  • Efficiency – The unit draws a maximum of 30 A at 4,500 GPH with 6ft head.
  • Control – The Hooker Electric Hi-Flow Bait Pump allows you to run multiple bait wells at the same time by controlling the flow of water with the variable speed knob.
  • Volume – With and output of 4,500 GPH with 6’ of head pressure, the unit is so efficient, it can be used for multiple water systems simultaneously.
  • Unlike Any Other – Unlike other units in the market, there is no need for a sea chest.
  • Durability – This compact yet functional unit is constructed from 5086 aluminum, titanium and durable PVC.