As a fisherman, we all know how hard live bait can be to find and sustain. Since seasonal weather patterns change the way fish are biting, fishermen require a variety of bait types to assure success. Bait fishing is so important that fishermen spend weeks prior to tournaments catching bait, then keep them penned up for a couple of days of epic fishing. The last thing you want is for your bait to die because of a pump failure.

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The Hooker Electric 4500 bait pump is designed for high-flow performance. At Hooker Electric, they live for that next big catch for themselves and their customers. Whether it is for fun, sport fishing, fishing for billfish, or tournament rounds, we like to be ready. This includes having an efficient, well-built, and bullet-proof bait pump. Hooker Electric’s patented centrifugal pump is in many ways superior to the competitors.

Hooker Electric’s high-flow bait pumps were developed to be the ultimate bait pumps that can be mounted directly to the thru-hull or outside sea-chest. They are expertly engineered with a sturdy framework from 5086 aluminum and durable PVC. The pump includes Hooker Electric’s signature brushless 12V DC motor and variable flow control, to give the bait pumps unparalleled performance. Lastly, Hooker Electric gave them power, lots of it! So much that this compact bait pump flows at a staggering 4,500 gallons per hour with a 1 1/2″ female mounting design. They do a fantastic job keeping bait lively all day long during tournaments.

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The signature Hooker Electric 12 VDC brushless motor gives the centrifugal bait pump, unparalleled power, and durability while it is internally water-cooled for added reliability. You will no longer need multiple pumps to supply each livewell. By adding

Hooker Electric’s custom manifolds, you can divert water to the designated wells by adjusting the amount of water flow to each well with our variable flow knobs. This allows you to run all of the wells from one Hooker Electric pump while retaining another one for redundancy.

All of the Hooker Electric pumps are tested at 6’ of head pressure. This ensures adequate water flow to the system. High-performance center counsels with step hulls produce a lot of air beneath the boat. Adding a sea chest will eliminate any unwanted aeration throughout the system. The Hooker Electric high-flow bait pumps are available in 2500, 4500, and 7500 GPH fully serviceable pumps for longevity.

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