Custom Reel Color Anodizing


Anodizing process requires 4 weeks on average.

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Penn® International® and Shimano Tiagra® Reels are widely accepted as the number one choice of serious offshore anglers and captains worldwide and now you can have them custom designed the way you want to give your professional reel your own unique style. Hooker Electric offers you custom anodization service in support of several popular colors. The custom colors include: Sapphire Blue, Candy Apple Red, Pink, Deep Black, Burnt Orange, Lime Green, Gun Metal, Silver Matte, and Silver Chrome.

Anodized Reel Colors

Anodized Reel Colors

How the Anodizing Process is Done

The anodizing is done using the sulfuric acid process, which is generally with the addition of some kind of hard coat additive and DC rectifiers. During the coloring process, an AC power supply is used, and it provides the traditional sinusoidal waveform, its modified waveform, or combinations of both. The electrolytes used in these processes are acidic and typically contain dissolved tin, hence the name, “The Tin Process”. To a lesser extent, cobalt and nickel are also used in coloring processes. It is necessary to tightly control the concentrations of sulfuric acid, dissolved aluminum, and hard coat additive, as well as the bath temperature, air agitation, voltage, voltage ramp rate, and current density. Proper control of these variables yields anodic coatings that are both uniform in thickness and consistent in film characteristics, such as porosity and thickness of the barrier layer.

After the aluminum parts are anodized and thoroughly rinsed with water, they are immediately transferred into the electrolytic coloring solution. They remain in the coloring solution for a minute or two, to let it penetrate and saturate the pores of the anodic coating before applying the AC current. During the electrolytic coloring step, current passes through the pores and the barrier layer at the base of the anodic coating. The current causes the tin metal to be deposited into the anodic pores, starting at the base and building upwards. Because the porosity and the barrier layer of the anodic coating provide the path for the current to flow through during electrolytic coloring, they greatly affect current efficiencies that cause metal deposition, thereby controlling the apparent color and uniformity of the final product.

Standard Specifications:

  • All anodized reels require up to a 4 week lead time
  • MIL-A-8625 Type II (Class 1 & 2)
  • RoHS, REACH, ELV & WEEE Compliant
  • Includes Chromic Acid Anodizing (Bengough-Stuart Process)
  • Adds Improved Custom Aesthetic

Price Structure:

  • Any reel WITH a Hooker Electric motor: $575.00
  • Any reel WITHOUT a Hooker Electric motor: $425.00
  • Any reel with a POLISHED finish WITH a Hooker Electric motor: $675.00
  • Any reel with a POLISHED finish WITHOUT a Hooker Electric motor: $650.00
  • If two separate colors are requested, additional charge per color: $125.00

All anodizing is a minimum of two complete reels, with or without a Hooker Electric motor.

The return shipping fee for your reel is based on average size reel and rates but will be subject to increase if your reel is a larger model or has more components than stock. Unless local, a customer will package mail insured to us their reel so that we strip/anodize it to the color specified.  Feel free to contact us for additional information and delivery information.

Canada or Any Other International Purchases: Please place orders by phone only.

Additional information

Weight1 lbs
Dimensions16 × 14 × 10 in

Sapphire Blue, Candy Apple Red, Deep Black, Burnt Orange, Lime Green, Gun Metal, Silver Matte, Silver Chrome, Pink, With Motor Sapphire Blue, With Motor Candy Apple Red, With Motor Deep Black, With Motor Burnt Orange, With Motor Lime Green, With Motor Gun Metal, With Motor Silver Matte, With Motor Silver Chrome, With Motor Pink

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