FIN Kite Rod #181

FIN Kite Rod #181


This E-Glass fiberglass rod blank, holds up to extreme saltwater fishing.

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Fin Kite & Teaser #181 Fishing Rods

The Hooker Electric Custom Fin Kite and Teaser Fishing Rods were designed for charter boats or anglers that need durability in a variety of fishing situations. Constructed with tubular glass blank for extra strength, Fin Kite and Teaser also features a Winthrop tip that helps keep the rod tip from breaking even when high sticked. They are designed with an S/S boat top or the Winthrop S/S custom kite top with a TuffButt and Stuart aluminum reel seat.

The Fin Series from Blackfin is everything that you could ask for in a fishing rod. It has durable, high-quality components, it’s sturdy yet has resilience so the main struggle gets transferred to the rod instead of you. Less torque and struggle to you mean more fishing enjoyment and less fatigue.

The Fin Series was introduced to meet the needs of the most sophisticated and demanding offshore anglers in the world. The E-Glass found in Fin rods was originally developed as an electrical insulator in the 1930s (hence the “e”) it features cross-woven or even chopped strand fibers. Due to its strength, high damage tolerance, low cost, and moldable nature, E-Glass rapidly found favor with boat & surfboard builders. E-glass will hold up with the extreme abuse that saltwater fishermen put rods through!

The proprietary blank is the foundation of every Fin Series rod. These blanks are manufactured using the highest quality e-glass available. This is what differentiates the Fin from other rod makers. The blank building process is the cornerstone of Blackfin rods. The delivery of the handmade blanks and superior components ensures that the customer is getting the finest most durable fishing rods in the world. The Fin Series are the most durable rods made in America that consistently satisfy customers throughout the world who conjoin with our aspirations.

Rods Description:

  • Product ID 1953: Kite Rod Silver FIN181 #2 Winthrop, all black, 35″, straight black aluminum, Winthrop tip, and silver Hooker logo

General Specifications:

  • Fin #181
  • Type: Kite
  • Length: 35″
  • Components: 100% E-Glass Blank; Straight Black Aluminum Butt; Slick Butt; S/S Tip

Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and Other International Orders: Please place orders by phone only.

Additional information

Weight5 lbs
Dimensions6 × 6 × 35 in

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