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HE Livewell Sea Chests


Available in multiple configurations, bait pumps not included.

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Sea chests are essentially plumbed boxes installed in the bilge by the boat builder or dealer. A single supply hose fills a watertight box that contains two to three live well pumps that, in turn, deliver clean, bubble-free seawater to the individual bait live wells. Sea chests naturally go hand in hand with stepped hulls. There are several advantages to this type of system. It helps to remove air and prevent air locks, especially if you have a lot of aeration with stepped hulls. With the pumps mounted outside, you have the benefits of them, not air locking and the ease of swapping a pump quickly should the need arise. Sea chests with the pumps resting in the normal accumulation of bilge water can become clogged with sludge and debris and seize from disuse. Finally, a sea chest simplifies the entire system. Everything is condensed with centralized access, meaning a owner doesn’t have to hunt for pumps, hoses or wiring if they have a problem.

Hooker Electric’s Deluxe Livewell Sea Chests are manufactured with corrosive resistant 316L stainless steel affixed on top with 3/4″ thick high-grade acrylic for quick visual inspection. Stainless steel boxes are simply more durable than the mainstream gloss fiberglass competitor models. Precision tapped seal ring and neoprene gaskets combined with stainless steel fasteners assure a lifetime of use in the corrosive saltwater environment. Powder coating adds a nice finish, which currently is limited to deep blue. Two and four pump models are the most popular, although tournament anglers who have multiple wells and above-deck tanks for transporting massive quantities of bait will often go with a six-pump setup.

Hooker Electric’s 2500, 4500, and 7500 gallons per hour pumps circulate the water inside the chest. A two-pump chest holds approximately 5 cubic feet of water, while a three-pump model handles nearly double that amount. These capacities have ample reserves to compensate for intake fluctuations. Live-bait aficionados customize the system by adding check valves or paired pump controls to regulate the water pressure so that sensitive baits like pilchards aren’t pummeled by excessive force. Hooker Electric’s own valve regulates each of the pumps so the velocity of water flow can be adjusted to suit the species of baitfish occupying each well. Obviously ten dozen hearty goggle-eye require substantially more water flow than a handful of relatively fragile threadfin herring. Having this ability to customize your bait keeping abilities results in the healthiest live bait possible.

A few considerations include: The full installation of the chest requires ample room in the bilge compartment for installation. All chests should be configured with a shut-off valve in the main water line to stop the flow in an emergency. Regular inspections are time-consuming but necessary to check for marine growth and clear the pumps of debris. Back-flush connections allow for freshwater rinsing. Boats on lifts where the chests can drain will be less problematic than those constantly in the water. If healthy bait is important for your fishing experience, then adding a Hooker Electric’s deluxe sea chest is worth the extra hassles.  

Configurations in Black or Powder Coated Blue Include:1×4500 ID:1427 (Standard 1×4500 pumps x 1.5″, 4 x 2″ inlet, 2 x .75″ wash down)

  • 2×2500 ID:1357 (Standard 2×2500 pumps x 1.0″, 4 x 1.5″ inlet, 2 x .75″ wash down)
  • 2×4500 ID:1358 (Standard 2×4500 pumps x 1.5″, 4 x 2″ inlet, 2 x .75″ wash down)
  • 3×2500 ID:1359 (Standard 3×2500 pumps x 1.0″, 4 x 1.5″ inlet, 2 x .75″ wash down)
  • 3×4500 ID:1360 (Standard 3×4500 pumps x 1.5″, 4 x 2″ inlet, 2 x .75″ wash down)
  • 2×7500 ID:1744 (Standard 2×7500 pumps x 2″, 4 x 2″ inlet, 2 x .75″ wash down)
  • 3×2500 ID:1848 (Large 3×2500 pumps x 1.0″, 2 x 2″ inlet, 2 x .75″ wash down)
  • 4×2500 ID:1849 (Large 4×2500 pumps x 1.0″, 2 x 2″ inlet, 2 x .75″ wash down)
  • 4×2500 ID:1745 (Iconic Marine 2×2500 pumps x 1.0″, 3 x 1.5″ inlet, 2 x .75″ wash down)
  • 4×2500 ID:1746 (Iconic Marine 2×7500 pumps x 2.0″, 3 x 1.5″ inlet, 3 x .75″ wash down)
  • 2×2500 1×4500 ID:1726 (Contender 2×2500 1×4500 pumps x 1 x 1″, 2 x 2″ inlet, 2 x .75″ wash)
  • 2×4500 ID:1741 (Contender 2×4500 pumps x 1.5″, 2 x 1.5″ inlet, 2 x .75″ wash down)
  • 2×4500 ID:1742 (Contender 2×2500 pumps x 1.0″, 2 x 1.5″ inlet, 2 x .75″ wash down)
  • 3×2500 ID:1743 (Contender 3×2500 pumps x 1.0″, 2 x 1.5″ inlet, 2 x .75″ wash down)
  • 3×4500 ID:1757 (Contender 3×4500 pumps x 1.5″, 2 x 2″ inlet, 2 x .75″ wash down)
  • 2×4500 ID:1747 (Maritimo 2×4500 pumps x 1.5″, 2 x 2.0″ inlet, 3 x .75″ wash down)
  • 2×4500 ID:1759 (Yellowfin 2×4500 pumps x 1.5″, 2 x 1.5″ inlet, 2 x .75″ wash down)
  • 2×4500 ID:1760 (Yellowfin 2×2500 pumps x 1.5″, 2 x 1.5″ inlet, 2 x .75″ wash down)
  • 2×2500 ID:1761 (Maverick 2×2500 pumps x 1.0″, 2 x 1.0″ inlet, 2 x .75″ wash down)


  • Corrosive resistant 316L stainless steel
  • Hooker Electric pumps not included
  • Standard black or powder coat deep blue
  • Custome configurations available, please call!

Hooker Electric’s Deluxe Livewell Sea Chests are featured in: Contender Boats, YellowFin Yachts, Freeman Boat Works, Billfish Boat Works, Jupiter Marine, Paul Mann Yachts, Viking Yachts, Xcelerator Boat Works, Mag Bay Yachts, Conch Boat Works, and Mako Boats. Many more publications forthcoming.

Canada or Any Other International Purchases: Please place orders by phone only.

Additional information

Weight30 lbs
Dimensions20 × 18 × 17 in

2×2500 ID:1357 BLK, 2×2500 ID:1357 BLU, 3×2500 ID:1359 BLK, 3×2500 ID:1359 BLU, 1×4500 ID:1427 BLK, 1×4500 ID:1427 BLU, 2×4500 ID:1358 BLK, 2×4500 ID:1358 BLU, 3×4500 ID:1360 BLK, 3×4500 ID:1360 BLU, 2×7500 ID:1744 BLK, 2×7500 ID:1744 BLU, 2×2500 ID:1726 BLK, 2×2500 ID:1726 BLU, 3×2500 ID:1848 BLK, 3×2500 ID:1848 BLU, 4×2500 ID:1849 BLK, 4×2500 ID:1849 BLU, 2×2500 1×4500 ID:1726 BLK, 2×2500 1×4500 ID:1726 BLU, 2×4500 ID:1759 BLK, 2×4500 ID:1759 BLU, 2×2500 ID:1761 BLK, 2×2500 ID:1761 BLU, 2×4500 ID:1741 BLK, 2×4500 ID:1741 BLU, 2×2500 ID:1742 BLK, 2×2500 ID:1742 BLU, 3×2500 ID:1743 BLK, 3×2500 ID:1743 BLU, 3×4500 ID:1757 BLK, 3×4500 ID:1757 BLU, 2×4500 ID:1760 BLK, 2×4500 ID:1760 BLU


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