Manual Level-Wind

Manual Level-Wind


The perfect alternative to an automatic level-wind for the Hooker Electric reels

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The Hooker Electric Manual Level-Wind from Hooker Electric is an affordable and dependable alternative to an automatic level-wind for the Penn® International® and Shimano Tiagra® electric reels. As the line is retrieved back onto the reel, the moving line guide ensures that the line is evenly distributed onto the spool, from side to side, without any large build-ups of line in any one spot on the spool.

The custom winding system stainless steel guides eliminate the need to use your fingers to move the line back in forth when reeling the line back onto the reel. The application is ideal for both trolling and deep drop applications. The device fits on both #2 (measures .970″) rod butts and #4 (measures 1.133″) rod butts. The tensioners move fluidly with the line action or can be guided manually with your hand for the controlled line. The level wind guide can be disengaged so as not to affect your casting ability.

Now you can focus on the fight and not worry about how the line is laying down! Small pawl designs run across an equally small worm gear on integrated level-winds, leading to susceptibility to failure. This is not the case with Hooker Electrics’ level-wind. A simple mechanism means fewer gears which last and performs better during heavy usage for tough fishes like tuna. The Hooker Legs Manual Level-Wind can also be used when fishing with non-electric conventional reels.

The above video depicts a prototype, which has since been modified for manufacturing.  The attachment section is fabricated from Delrin® acetal resin synthetic polymer which assures high strength, hardness, and rigidity to −40 °C. The two tensioner rods are fabricated from 316L stainless steel which is ideally suited for applications requiring corrosion resistance and has excellent elevated temperature strength.


  • Works well with Monofilament or braided Dacron® lines
  • Fingers are not threatened by line action
  • Will not snap off or cut your line
  • Will not cause line piling
  • Easily disengaged, not affecting casting distance

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Weight1 lbs
Dimensions6 × 8 × 8 in

No. 2 Rod Fitted, No. 4 Rod Fitted


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