Complete Portable Live Bait System

Hooker Electric’s Complete Portable Live Bait System does not require complicated plumbing to keep the recirculation system running optimally. The patent-pending live bait system operates on simple principles. The internal submersible water pump cycles the water inside a 5-gallon bucket. The water then flows over the tubes and back down into the bucket, resulting in the water being cooled and aerated. The design bleeds off any air bubbles to assure the bait stays lively and survives hours of fishing.

The portable live bait bucket system comes preinstalled with 10″ short tubes which are good for Gogs, Threadfins, Sardines, Pilchards, Hardtails, Pogies, and Mullets. The optional 15″ long tubes are good for Spanish Mackeral, Ladyfish, Speedos, Boston/Tinker Mackeral, and Blue Runners. The 15″ inch tubes require a 7-gallon bucket.

The fabrication consists of non-corrosive material. All components are serviceable and the tuna tubes are removable. The live bait system includes 6 feet of electrical cable that conveys 12V DC, drawing less than 2 amps. The Hooker Electric bucket includes a non-skid grip base and the white surface reflects heat to help keep the bait lively. The motor can be adapted to a variety of electrical connector options.

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The white or blue bucket grip eliminates spills, tips, or drips of your gear in or out of your buckets. This UV-resistant base holds your bucket in place. It is constructed of soft rubber so it won’t scratch precious surfaces. Fits most 5-gallon Buckets (10 ¼ to 10 ½ inch base).

The Hooker Electric portable live bait bucket system is designed to be used for mobility. It can be used by fresh or saltwater anglers. The submersible configuration weighs 5.8 pounds. Combined with a 5-gallon bucket half-filled with water, roughly 27 pounds total. It is recommended to change the water out a couple of times a day but can be done more frequently if preferred.

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