PowerPro Super-Slick 8 is Smooth as Silk – 8 yarn Spectra fiber construction braided under high tension to create a live surface that feels smooth as silk. Cast like a Bullet – Reduced line friction on the spool and through the rod guides allows Super-Slick to cast like a bullet. Silent as Assassin – Smooth surface design reduces friction and line noise, allowing you to fish with stealth and silence.

Super-Slick is 8 yarn Spectra fiber construction for anglers who demand high performance. PowerPro “EBT” (Enhanced Body Technology™) process creates a stronger, thinner, smoother and quieter line. Available in 8 sizes (10, 15, 20, 30, 40, 50, 65, 80lb) and 4 colors (Hi-Vis Yellow, Marine Blue, Timber Brown, Aqua Green). Made in the USA.

Fishing Reel Spooling Service

Hooker Electric offers fishing line and reel owners/buyers the unique option of requesting our skilled reel technicians spool line on your reel(s). Purchase your reel, or drop it off at our showroom to have your reel professionally spooled for $79.00. If you desire to have a wind on leader tied on, our low fee is an additional $15.00. Please call our office to make arrangements after your purchase.

Available from Hooker Electric:

MPN: 31100801500A, Product Code: 1474, UPC: 712649210367
Length: 1500 Yard, Diameter: 0.018 inch, Test: 80lbs, Color: Marine Blue

MPN: 31100803000A, Product Code: 1840, UPC: 712649214143
Length: 3000 Yard, Diameter: 0.018 inch, Test: 80lbs, Color: Marine Blue