PVC Fittings

PVC Fittings


Thermoplastic PVC fittings and valves designated for your Sea Chest.

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PVC Fittings and Valves

For over 50 years, thermoplastic PVC fittings and valves have been growing in acceptance as an effective choice over metal components in many applications like sea chests. Thermoplastic fittings are dielectric, so they do not support an electrical charge. This enables them to be immune from the electrochemical corrosion that occurs with metal fittings. The interior walls are molded with a smooth finish which enables a high flow coefficient and consistent performance over an extended service life. The PVC material is immune to microbiological-influenced corrosion that leads to rust and pitting common in metal fittings and valves.

Value-added engineering, adherence to ASTM standards for materials and dimensions, and stringent manufacturing quality make Hooker Electric’s provision of Thermoplastic components your solution for reliable flow control when building your sea chest.

  • Plastic Insert Fittings for Polyethylene (PE) Plastic Pipe ASTM D-2609
  • ASTM rated PVC D-2467, D-2464 (ANSI B1.20.1)
  • PVC insert fittings are produced from PVC Type 1, Cell Classification 12454-B
  • Full Port Schedule 80 Design
  • The pressure rating is 150 psi at 73°F
  • Maximum service temperature of 140°F

Hooker Electric does not recommend the joining of metal pipe threads with plastic female pipe threads. To join a metal system with a plastic system, we recommend the use of a transition union or flanged end connections.

Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and Other International Orders: Please place orders by phone only.

Additional information

Weight.0625 lbs
Dimensions8 × 4 × 1 in

1 in InsertxFPT 90 Degree Elbow, 1.5 in InsertxFPT 90 Degree Elbow, 1 in InsertxMPT 90 Degree Elbow, 1.25 in InsertxMPT 90 Degree Elbow, 1.5 in InsertxMPT 90 Degree Elbow, 2 in InsertxMPT 90 Degree Elbow, 1 in InsertxFPT Female Adapter, 1.5 in InsertxFPT Female Adapter, 2 in InsertxFPT Female Adapter, 1 in InsertxMPT Male Adapter, 1.25 in InsertxMPT Male Adapter, 1.5 in InsertxMPT Male Adapter, 2 in InsertxMPT Male Adapter, 1×1.5 in Close TBE PVC Nipple, 2×1 in MPTxFPT Reducer Bushing, 2×1.5 in MPTxFPT Reducer Bushing, 1.25 in MPT Plug, 1.5 in MPT Plug, 2 in MPT Plug, 1.25×1.625 in Close TBE CPVC Nipple, 1.5×1.75 in TBE PVC Nipple, 1 in MIP PVC-EPDM EPT Ball Valve, 2 in insertxFPT 90 elbow, .75 in MPT 90 combination elbow, .75 in FPTxFPT 90 elbow, 1 in FPTxFPT 90 elbow, 1.25 in FPTxFPT 90 elbow, 1.5 in FPTxFPT 90 elbow, .75 in MIP FPTxFPT PVC ball valve, 1.25 in MIP FPTxFPT PVC ball valve, 1.5 in MIP FPTxFPT PVC ball valve, 2 in Compact MIP PVC SXS, .75 in MPT plug, 1 in MPT plug, 2 in X Close TBE PVC nipple


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