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R&R Triple Bait Tubes with Suction Cups


The remaining inventory is the small size with suction cups.

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R&R Triple Bait Tubes with Suction Cups

Captain Ray Rosher of Miss Britt Charters and owner of R&R Tackle created an innovative method of holding and preserving your live baits for fast deployment. Introducing the new triple tube live bait system that is certain to grab the attention of top teams in the sport. The tubes are very similar in concept to traditional tuna tubes, only much smaller in size and geared for the most common live baits used in South Florida, such as goggle eyes and the threadfin herring. The beauty of this system is that it enables a crew to bridle the baits and have them ready to go at the instant you want to deploy your spread. Or maybe a backup set of rods when you need to change baits out quickly.

Limited quantity, please act quickly!

Each tube set holds three individual baits with none of the usual leader tangles that occur with baits hooked on, in a well or bucket. On the front is provided convenient needle holes for safekeeping and quick access. The tubes can be applied to a smooth surface with suction cups or bracketed with a three-piece adjustable arm. The inventory Hooker Electric has in stock are suction cups on small tubes. Brackets can be purchased separately through R&R Tackle if needed. Each bait tube set is fed by a 1/2″ supply and 3/4″ drain which provides ample water flow that will keep baits lively and ready to cast quickly! In addition, each tube has its own valve to be able to independently control the flow of water.

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