Reel Hard Wiring Kit

Reel Hard Wiring Kit


Includes everything you need to wire your Hooker Electric reels.

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Hooker Electric Hard Wiring Kit

The 12-volt electrical kit includes everything you need to safely wire your Hooker Electric reel(s) into your boat. After installation, you will have enough power to pull dredges.

Hard Wiring Kit Includes:

• 20 feet of 8 or 6 Gauge Duplex Marine Wire
• One Bussman 40AMP 12V Manual Fuse Reset Circuit Breaker
• One Hubbell 328DCR receptacle
• One Hubbell HBL74CM25WOA Receptacle Cover Plate
• One Hubbell HBL6080 Gray Box
• One Hubbell UFC0003CR Gray Strain Relief
• Four Solder Lugs

Wiring Instructions

Use a minimum of 8 gauge or heavier tinned wire between the battery and receptacle with a 40 amp resettable breaker or 50 amp slow blow fuse on the positive side as close to the battery as possible. A Hi-Amp Buss swing arm breaker with a manual trip push button is available from your local marine store or from Hooker Electric. The red wire is positive, the black is negative.

Minimum Wire Sizes from Battery to Outlet: 0 to 10 feet – 8 AWG, 10 to 20 feet – 6 AWG. For runs greater than 20 feet please contact customer service to discuss your options.

Please Note: Do NOT shorten the length of the reel cord – it will void the warranty. The reel will work with a standard lead-acid marine duty deep cycle battery. To ensure you do not deplete the battery used to start your boat, the reel should be powered from a separate accessory battery that can be switched via a battery switch.

Hawaii, Alaska, Canada, and Other International Orders: Please place orders by phone only.

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Dimensions12 × 9 × 9 in

6-2 AWG Kit, 8-2 AWG Kit


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