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R&R Wind-On Jigging Leader


Exceptionally strong monofilament with a spliced dacron loop.

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R&R Tackles Vertical Wind-On Jigging Leader is designed specifically for vertical jigging or surface casting poppers, these wind-on leaders are made using lighter wright, but exceptionally strong monofilament with a spliced dacron loop for secure connections to the mainline. R&R Tackles Vertical Wind-On Jigging Leaders are less stiff than regular wind-on leaders, providing more action when a vertical jig is in motion through the water column. R&R Tackles Vertical Wind-On Jigging Leader also serves as a shock absorber when strong game fish like amberjack, groupers, or wahoo slam baits during fast retrieves. With Jigging, you want the monofilament to give you the stretch to help you keep the fish on without it affecting the action and to give you the extra abrasion resistance.

R&R Tackles Vertical Wind-On Jigging Leader is available in a complete spectrum of sizes and lengths, these are “standard issue” wind-on leaders currently in use by the Miss Britt Sport Fishing Fleet. Each leader is rigged with a spliced dacron loop, designed to provide a seamless and secure connection to a braided or monofilament mainline. This vertical jigging leader is designed as the strongest wind-on leader on the market. Three available pound tests: 50, 80, and 100 lbs.

Canada or Any Other International Purchases: Please place orders by phone only.

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Weight.125 lbs
Dimensions11 × 16 × 1 in

50 x 50, 80 x 50, 100 x 50


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