R&R Wind-On Swordfish Orange Leader

R&R Wind-On Swordfish Orange Leader


Exceptionally strong monofilament with a spliced Dacron loop.


R&R Tackle Swordfish Buoy Wind-On Leader Rig – 12′ – 200lb

Fishing multiple rods while daytime swordfishing just got a whole lot easier with a buoy application. These 12 ‘ premade orange Dyneema® monofilament rigs contain two dacron loops that are whipped onto 200lb monofilament. Maximize your chances down deep by fishing a buoy rod! Made in the USA by Professional Fishermen.

The 200lb monofilament used in this handmade rig is more sensitive enabling better bite detection, and zero stretch, making it a lot easier to set hooks, and casting a mile. Furthermore, one of the most impressive things is the tiny line diameter which still has the heavier breaking strain.

R&R Tackle Wind-On Daytime Swordfish Leaders are the exact length and durability needed to effectively position baits at depths of 1400′ to 1800′ or deeper. Daytime swordfishing, which has become an incredibly popular endeavor in South Florida waters, is a challenging technique to master – requiring anglers to have their rigging perfectly set. These leaders are designed to withstand tremendous pressure and provide the length needed to effectively deep drop for swordfish. Each leader features a spliced Dacron loop at the top to hang your lead on. The wind-on leaders have been used for some of the largest Pelagic fish ever hoisted on a dock. 150ft is ideal for a stronger moving current (3 knots and up).

If you fish for big game like swordfish, marlin, tuna, or shark – a well-made wind-on leader is a critical component of your rig. Not only does the wind-on serve as a shock absorber for aggressive bites and blistering runs, but it’s also the heart and soul of your leadering efforts once you get the fish to the boat. R&R Tackle Wind-On Daytime Swordfish Leaders’ high-strength monofilament and fluorocarbon combined with low-stretch Dyneema® results in the strongest, most dependable wind-on leader available. The wind-on system improves bait presentation, eliminates the need for conventional long leaders, and provides safer handling and releasing of the fish in the boat.


Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and Other International Orders: Please place orders by phone only.

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Weight.5 lbs
Dimensions14 × 11 × 1 in

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