Swordfish Buoy Basket Combo

Swordfish Buoy Basket Combo


Consists of everything you need for your next outing.


Swordfish Buoy Basket Combo

The Swordfish Buoy Basket Combo consists of everything you need for your next outing:

Long Line Swivel 148-8/0 Snaps-Clips with Rolling. The Snaps feature strong stainless steel construction, a reliable lock system, barrel swivel attached to the end. Many uses, deep dropping, kite ring stays, swordfishing, etc. Well-tested and trusted. Length 7″ x Snap 5″ X Swivel 2.25″. Wire Size: 0.148″, Rolling: 8/0, Nose Size: 3/16″.

Ashaway Tuna Braid features a nine-carrier braid of high-tenacity Dupont multifilament nylon coated with Ashaway’s exclusive nylon resin coating. This combination of materials produces a stiff, yet supple feel. The nylon coating makes the line easy to handle and provides excellent abrasion resistance. The perfect choice for Buoy Fishermen. 5lb spool 450lb test, 3/32″ dia. (approx: 1000 ft).

The heavy-duty rigged Orange SPONGEX Dob Marker Buoy is 7″ X 14″ with a 1″ hole. The surface and marker float is constructed from chemical-resistant polyvinyl chloride for maximum toughness, weather resistance, and long service life. These heavy-duty buoys are resistant to sunlight, oil, gasoline, salt water, abrasion, and other inherent hazards aboard fishing vessels. Features a continuous hole down the middle for rigging with rope, PVC, or bungee. These buoys & floats can also be used as crab trap floats, fishing marker buoys, water ski course markers, lobster pot markers, crab pot floats, and as nautical decoration. 10.5″ H x 4.5″ W x 4.5″ D. 16lb, 2oz Buoyancy.

The Lee Fisher heavy-duty blue fish baskets are made of high-quality, low-density durable polyethylene with two securely fastened handles. They are perfect for any fishing boat and related purposes. Load them up with bait, shrimp, fish, etc. Can be used in freshwater and saltwater. Reinforced handles make for easy carrying and unloading for fishing, indoor, and outdoor usage. Food grade FDA compliant. Dimension: 19″ Diameter x 17″ Height x 14″ Base. Weight Capacity: 40 lb.

Not included in the basket combo, but sold separately is the Guy Harvey® Swordfish Catch Flag. This rugged and vibrant perma-print-dyed nylon fabric flag measures 12″H x 18″W. The catch flag includes a Velcro® finish for easily raising your flag after your catch. All weather resistant and 100% washable. Wrapped in eco-friendly packaging.

Hawaii, Alaska, Canada and Other International Orders: Please place orders by phone only.

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