TruDesign Nylon Tails Straight Barb


Nylon Tails eliminate the corrosion and electrical bonding problems associated with metallic fittings.

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TruDesign Tails are molded from a glass-reinforced nylon composite. High strength, high-modulus glass fibers within the nylon composite provides dramatic strength, stiffness, toughness, and dimensional stability. TruDesign Tails eliminate the corrosion and electrical bonding problems associated with metallic fittings. Tail fittings are designed for twin hose clamps and to never crush.

Available Options:

MPN: 90727 Product Code: 2333 Straight Barb 19mm .75″ Male NPS Thread
MPN: 90728 Product Code: 2193 Straight Barb 25mm 1″ Male NPS Thread
MPN: 90881 Product Code: 2163 Straight Barb 28mm 1” Male NPS Thread
MPN: 91184 Product Code: 2337 Straight Barb 38mm 1.125″ Male NPS Thread

MPN: 90885 Product Code: 2308 Straight Barb 38mm 1.25” Male NPS Thread
MPN: 90730 Product Code: 2306 Straight Barb 38mm 1.5″ Male NPS Thread


  • Manufactured from a glass-reinforced nylon composite – High strength and lightweight
  • Immune to corrosion and electrolysis – Long life with no concerns over decreased performance due to corrosion
  • Chemical resistant – Unaffected by diesel, petrol, or chemicals
  • UV resistant – Will not degrade or discolor with ultraviolet light from the sun
  • High-quality surface finish – Will not discolor with green film as similar bronze fittings do
  • BSP and NPS (Parallel) threads – Universal compatibility to TruDesign Ball Valves, threaded fittings, and other marine components
  • Large operating temperature range – Suitable for all marine environments, from -40°C to +110°C

The connecting thread type is NPS and clearly marked on the side of the fitting along with size. Do not over tighten, simply allow the adhesive sealant to provide the seal and orientation of the fitting. Apply twin hose clamps for a secure hose connection and check tightness regularly.

Thread sealing options: – 3M 5200 – 3M 5200FT (fast cure) – Sikaflex 291i – Sikaflex 591 – Loctite 5331 – Loctite 55 Pipe Sealing Chord – PTFE Thread Tape

TruDesign fittings (in both black and white) are suitable for contact with petrol & diesel fuels. However, TruDesign Ball Valves, Aquavalves, and Non-Return Valves should not be used in direct contact with petrol or diesel as the nitrile o-rings may swell affecting their sealing and handle-turning performance.

Download PDF for drawings and specifications.

Canada or Any Other International Purchases: Please place orders by phone only.

Additional information

Dimensions5 × 4 × 3 in

19mm .75" Male, 25mm 1" Male, 28mm 1” Male, 38mm 1.125” Male, 38mm 1.25” Male, 38mm 1.5" Male

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