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When you receive your new Hooker Electric product, please register your warranty within 30 days by completing the form below or by mailing the Warranty Registration Card included with your product, if included. Please fill out all fields below and click submit registration.

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Hooker Electric always has qualified service technicians available to service your reels. A reel is like a vehicle, it should be maintained annually to keep it casting smooth and effortlessly. Why not send in your reels during your off season so your reel will be optimal when you are ready to fish again? You can print, fill out and enclose with your reel our “Hooker Reel Repair and Maintenance Form.” Please read our “Return Policy” page linked below to access the form and gain all details required. Our customer service department can help with whatever you may need to help you enjoy a trouble free day on the water.

Please click on the appropriate manual cover to load the required PDF file for print or download.

Hooker Electric Standard Reel Instructions
Hooker Electric Kite Reel Instructions
Hooker Electric Detachable Reel Instructions
Hooker Electric Autostop Reel Instructions
Hooker Electric Bandit Reel Manual
Hooker Electric GoPro Camera Housing Manual
Hooker Electric Water Pump Installation Manual

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